Hater Tater Tee - Red Panda Clothing
Hater Tater Tee - Red Panda Clothing

Hater Tater Tee

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 Hashi Tomoaki (Hater Tater) stole a Amulet from the Yokai Namazu. Namazu cursed Hashi turning him into a Talking Potato. Now Hashi hates everything and everyone.Apparel - Hater Tater Tee

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When I opened up the package and saw the character on the t shirt - I just LOVED it - excellent quality - the character is vibrant and colorful - I bought this for a Christmas gift for my brother - when we were kids we use to watch this show - I know he is just going to LOVE it - I will definitely tell family and friends how wonderful the seller is and great products -


I love my shirt!



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